Our consecutive knowledge of over 21 years in the export and supply of various tuna species, has created trusted partnerships in the preserved, processed and prepared food manufacturers in the European, American and Asian markets. Additionally, we are proud to have long-standing suppliers, who are also jointly committed to meeting our quality and sustainability standards.

CCA is a global player in yellowfin, albacore, skipjack and bonito tuna from the whole round, cooked loins and finally canned retail brands, which we source and supply directly to customers.

A subsidiary business unit within the group exports sustainable artisanal caught pole and line albacore tuna from South Africa. With our fleet of vessels supplying us, we can guarantee quality commitments to our customers. We have found that it complements our offshore tuna trading enabling CCA to be a global player with sourcing from South Africa, Namibia, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Philippines, PNG, Indonesia, and China.


Macadamias belong to the Proteaceae family. These trees are evergreen and grow slowly up to 12-15m after 10-15 years. The fruit has a husk, hard shell and a kernel. Macadamia nuts have a subtle, buttery flavour, and velvety-soft crunch that makes them highly regarded by consumers. They combine perfectly with many different flavours, making them an extremely versatile ingredient in many sweet and savoury dishes.

CCA procures macadamia nuts direct from farmers and then processes at our partner's processing facilities in South Africa and Kenya. We see the value in processing our nuts into the various styles of kernels and supplying our customers' needs in both the USA and EU markets as opposed to the standard nut in shell exports to predominantly China.

Macadamia nuts constitute only around one percent of the world's nut production; studies show substantial health benefits for these nuts and this is expected to drive world demand with South Africa currently the largest global supplier of macadamias.


We trade in the following types of rice: white rice, basmati, parboiled and fragrant rice. Our rice is sourced from India, Vietnam, Pakistan and Myanmar with only the highest of quality standards. Our rice is packed in PP or POPP bags, in: 1kg, 2kg, 5kg, 2lbs, 25kg and 50kg.

In most parts of the world, sugar is an essential part of the human diet, making food more palatable and providing food energy. We source the highest quality sugar from South America and Asia. Our primary focus of supply is in the manufacturing industry, trading and distribution. We mainly trade ICUMSA 45 and ICUMSA 150 spec, packed in 50kg bags or 1-ton bags. We are not limited to only these two variants and please contact us directly should you have a specific requirement.


Canning is a method of preserving foods for long periods by packing them in airtight containers. The process of canning preserves most of a food's nutrients and are shelf-stable for long periods meaning they do not require refrigeration making canned foods accessible to almost everyone throughout the year.

We offer the following canned foods: tomato paste, baked beans, canned sardines and canned mackerel.

Canned sardines mainly in CCA's brands, in 125 g net weight 95 g in sunflower or palm oil.

Canned mackerel in tomato sauce, 125 g, or 420 g cans.

Easy-open lids are offered on all products.


Our 21 years of experience in sourcing and trading frozen foods globally, gives you peace of mind when dealing with us. In addition to our tuna, we also source a variety of frozen seafood species, ranging from carton mackerel, horse mackerel to tilapia and more.

Our poultry products we source directly from Europe and South America and are supplied and traded into Africa and Asia. Please contact us directly should you have a specific requirement.


CCA is hyper-focused on the supply of raw materials to the mining, water treatment, domestic hygiene and cosmetic sectors – namely through the provision of industrial chemicals to various segments within the African markets.

Whether by direct sales or the utilisation of our distribution channels in key markets, we aim to provide a secure and timeous supply to our partners.

We purchase directly from quality manufacturers so that our customers are reassured that we will consistently deliver excellence on our services and products.

CCA already holds agencies from internationally renowned suppliers and focus on partnerships extends as much to the supply side of the chemical equation as it does to our customers.

The chemical range offered includes but is not exclusive to the following:




Sodium Cyanide, Activated Carbon, Anhydrous Caustic Soda, Soda Ash, Xanthates, Sodium Hydrosulphide, HCL, Sulphuric Acid, Nitric Acid, Hydrogen Peroxide, Sulphamic Acid, Calcium Chloride, Copper Sulphate

Soap & Detergent

Soda Ash, LABSA, SLES, Caustic Soda, Sodium Sulphate, TIO2, Fragrances, KOH,


Stearic Acid, Petroleum Jelly, Paraffin Wax, White Oil, Fragrances, Glycerine, Sorbitol, MPG, OLEO chemical range


Tomato Paste, Milk Powder, Maltose, Soya, Glucose, Sodium Cyclamate, Sodium Benzoate, Citric Acid,


MEC, Calcium Carbide, Phosphoric Acid, Chlorine, Calcium Hypochlorite, Lime, Bleaching Earth, Arsenic Trioxide, Ferric Chloride, Hexane, Sodium Metabisulphite


Countless customers and suppliers rely on us for quality timber products they can trust. We are committed to excellence, and that is why our team takes the time, effort and resources necessary to ensure that all our partners reach our high standards. Additionally, our customers consistently partner with us because we have extensive global trading knowledge and expertise within the forestry and timber business.

We select our suppliers and partners based on their track record in being able to ethically, sustainably and legally source and produce wood that does not have an environmental impact or lasting detrimental footprint.

We use certified wood whenever possible and promote the use of certified timber globally. We know the origin of the wood we supply. Our wood suppliers, where applicable, are also covered by a third-party verified chain of custody certificates.

Our products include:

Logs:                     Fresh cut to order & specification

Sawn Timber:      Air-dried Kiln-dried, Edged / Unedged -Cut to order & specification

Decking:               Air-dried / Kiln-dried -Cut to order & specification

We supply a variety of global markets with logs and timber, which is responsibly sourced and is 100% traceable with a chain of custody for our customer's peace of mind.

We are proud of our commitment to sustainability, and all our products are certified either by a national government or by credible third-party organisations to ensure compliance with local legislation and standards as well.

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